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Current Booking Times
Mon, Wed ( 3/6pm , 6/9pm )
Tue, Thur ( 6/9pm , 9/12am )
Friday ( 3/6pm , 6/9pm )
Sat , Sun ( 11am - 5pm )

Updated 01/08/2023

All cancellations within 48 hours of booking must be paid in full.

Please contact us for booking outwith the set system times and we will accomodate as best we can.

Room 1 WILL NOT show in the booking system and bookings should be made using the contact info here --->

Contact Information

If you wish to have any further discussions over phone or email use the information below.

Phone: 07572 705193

Address: Unit 6 The Bunker

Bonnybridge Industrial Estate

Murnin Road



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